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Dr. Cidolfus Demen Bunansa
19 January 2010 @ 03:14 pm
As known to many within the game, Dr. Cidolfus Demen Bunansa is one the finest researchers to hail from the Empire, seating himself among other greats from Draklor Laboratories. While his main research within FFXII revolves around the manufacturing of nethicite, the doctor is also known for developing thought-driven combat weapons, called ‘rooks’. These test models were first introduced in the game itself during the Draklor arc but I would to reintroduce a new model of rooks within TimeandTides called The Knights of the Round.

What Are The Knights?
The Knights of the Round (KotR for short), are Dr. Cid’s updated version of the rooks previously highlighted in FFXII. Much like their namesake, each rook is named after one of the twelve legendary knights of King Arthur’s court, with the last knight being the supposed ‘King’. These rooks operate not on nethicite but rather on electricity like more ordinary machines.

However, these rooks are outfitted with nethicite in their core making it quite difficult for magic-casters to battle them. In general, the rooks are capable of draining magic from others with their classic ‘Syphon’ attack that drains a magic user’s MP. In the game however, this attack will be used to drain the magical aura of magic users rather than MP points since this is not *really* a Final Fantasy game. The KotR will also be capable of siphoning electric energy from nearby sources, much like the mimics or lightning bugs from FFXII.

Abilities & Attacks
As for their attack capability, these rooks have several main attacks ranging from melee to magic. Rooks 1 through 5 are the melee fighters, they are armed with guns that fire an electric discharge towards opponents that the doctor targets. These rooks are controlled by the doctor's thoughts, much like the rooks from game.

Rooks 6 through 9 serve as the defense unit to protect both the attacking rooks and the doctor with defensive magic. Unlike in the FFXII game, these rooks will be just capable of casting protectaga, hasteaga and shellaga upon the party without adding any extra bonus such as the faith and bravery spells. In the game, the rooks actually give Cid a brief immunity against all attacks and spells but here within the game, I have chosen to limit that to just the casting of supporting spells.

The next three rooks are completely different from the rest for they boost stronger magic the four defenders. These three are capable of casting powerful fire, ice and thunder magic at will but lack a weaker defense than the first two sets. In combat, it would be ideal for our heroes to destroy the defense rooks first before going after the others but if not, these machines are not immune to silence or other aliments, however they are immune to poison & toxify since they are all robots and not living creatures.

As for the thirteenth rook, Excalibur, this rook is not really a machine per say but really a gun-like canon that the doctor wields himself. Boasting all of the attack power as the other rooks combined, this powerful rifle will most likely be used as a last resort by the doctor once the first seven rooks have been defeated. It’s capable of casting black magic (fire, thunder & ice) and is capable of siphoning magic from his opponents to fuel it’s power.

The Names of the Knights

Here are a list of 'names' for the Rooks along with their corresponding numbers. Dr. Cid will be referring to these Rooks by name, so be sure to pay close attention to which Rook does what during the skirmish:
  • Gawaine - Rook 1
  • Galahad - Rook 2
  • Erec - Rook 3
  • Gareth - Rook 4
  • Gaheris - Rook 5
  • Bors - Rook 6
  • Bedivere - Rook 7
  • Percivale - Rook 8
  • Kay - Rook 9
  • Lamorak - Rook 10
  • Yvain - Rook 11
  • Tristan - Rook 12
  • Excalibur - Rook 13 (Arthur is portrayed in this bunch by 'Cid' since he is their creator)

Question or Concerns?
Please list them here and I will try to get back to you ASAP.

Dr. Cidolfus Demen Bunansa
03 December 2009 @ 03:13 pm
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